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    • Constant pop-up ads and spam or weird messages
    • Everything is all screwed up
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    • You’re worried that your network is just not secure
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That businesses would look for a saving solution every time is quite natural. They want savings especially in those monthly services, such as the telephone services, etc. Well, if this is your lookout too, VoIP telephone service should be your pick.

VoIP stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol,” which seems to be a fancy term that simply means technology once again has created a cheaper way of doing something. Nowadays, you don’t need to have a traditional telephone system installed on-site for your staff to be able to communicate by phone. You can use a VoIP telephone service instead.

Are you eager to know advantages of VoIP telephone service for business owners? Let’s check out these five benefits a business can reap from installing and using VoIP telephone service.

· Easy to install

· Affordability

· Flexibility

· Scalability

· Simple to maintain

Easy-to-install: One of the remarkable benefits of using VoIP telephone service is that they are simple to install. An internet connection is the first requirement, then comes the computer access and phone handsets. Contact a reliable and reputable VoIP telephone service provider who can take care of everything else. It means that you won’t need to worry if you’re short of space, and you will be able to get your telephone up and running faster than you would if you’d chosen a traditional system.

Affordability: Among other advantages of using this service system, affordability tops all other priorities. Traditional systems can be expensive to install, as they require more equipment and setting them up takes expertise and time.

In the long run, this may be cost-effective for medium-sized or large firms to install on-site telephone systems, hosted VoIP telephone service solutions are often the most suitable options for small companies. The reason being, minimum equipment is required and only enough system licenses are required to ensure that everyone in your company has telephone access. There is no need to pay out for a multi-user onsite system which you are unlikely to use to its full capacity.

Scalability: There is no reason to think that by installing a VoIP telephone service you will be stuck with limited access to phones as your business grows. You will get enough options to scale up the service system, which is what is making them ideal for start-ups.

Flexibility: Regardless of location, your staffs will be enabled to access onsite telephone systems. In doing so, remote working becomes more and more popular. Physical location doesn’t matter as the service is provided over the Internet.

Simple to Maintain: VoIP telephone systems are indeed simple to maintain. You need not have much in the way of physical equipment onsite. There is no need to spend as much on engineers’ charges and replacement equipment as you would with a traditional system.

Want this VoIP telephone service for your business organization? Check out the service with us.

Everyday Habits that Leave You Vulnerable Online

Whether you check social media, read email, or do most anything online, your internet behavior can put you at risk. Hackers and scammers take advantage of your online movements to get your financial data and other sensitive information to use for their gain, at your pain. To stay safe and protect your identity, make sure you avoid these everyday habits that leave you vulnerable online.

What Offers Should You Expect from Managed IT Service Providers?

Security has become a more important point than ever before when it comes to securing computer systems used by businesses and organizations around the globe. Now, communication and access have become far simpler and that has allowed a number of threats to grow.

Moreover, these threats to such a network don’t source online malicious hackers and viruses. There are many threats that come from within your company. But, working with managed IT service providers in Virginia can offer stability, peace of mind and tremendous security as well. What services should you expect from such a provider to offer you?

Around the clock network visibility and monitoring should be the first thing you can expect from them. It will help increase performance. You will be able to identify bottlenecks, threats and areas of poor performance through improved network visibility and give remedy to them accordingly. It will also improve operation between different networked devices.

Network often goes down. It is a very irritating and damaging phenomenon. Downtime is often used to create backups, perform new installations and for other maintenance jobs. It can also be due to other problems. With managed IT service providers in Virginia, it can be ensured that your network has the best uptime possible. It will also ensure better productivity for your employees. Unless you can’t access the network to perform your job duties, you are just pouring money down a hole with no return on that investment. More uptime means better ROI for you.

Managed IT service providers can simplify entire IT management. It will your headache, even for experienced IT personnel. Working with the right managed IT security services in Virginia can ensure that handling all the concerns for your network. Simplified IT management through managed IT service providers ensures your IT personnel spend more time on task and less time adjusting, repairing and monitoring the network. It is a vital consideration for ROI and will also benefit a company’s overall productivity and profitability.

Computer networks tend to cause issues. Those issues involve device compatibility, performance bottlenecks, etc. But, working with managed IT security services in Virginia will make issue resolution a far simpler thing. It will save you money and time and also headaches and hassles.

Working with the right managed IT security services in Virginia is an important consideration for companies of all sizes these days. As your network grows, so will the issues and problems that you experience. It doesn’t mean you have to suffer reduced ROI or other setbacks. For this reason, you need to select right managed IT security services in Virginia where you will expect from better security, issue resolution, faster growth and simplified management. You must acknowledge the fact that there is no better way to grow your company than partnering with responsible managed IT service providers in Virginia.

Benefits Of Deploying Managed It Services To Your Day To Day Business Operations

Utilize managed IT security services for your organization for several reasons. First of all, you can find them helping in reducing costs and increasing the level of security on your network at the same time. More so, that service will also ensure that your network is safe from threats and most vitally, the people who are working are always up to date on the latest threats and able to provide you with solutions to deal with them as they become known. All these will be evident to you while you are going about the process of doing your everyday business. Aligning managed IT service providers to your day to day business operations will render a lot of benefits, from offering stability to peace of mind and tremendous security, among various others. Let’s know what those others are like.

Enhanced network visibility is vital: One of the most vital aspects of working with managed IT service providers is the fact that you will enjoy greater network visibility at all times. Your network will get a round the clock monitoring service, which will ensure an improved network visibility and that will help in increasing performance. By using their services and network visibility, you will find it easier to identify and remedy bottlenecks, threats, and areas of poor performance. Day to day operations will also be enhanced between different networked devices.

Expect more uptime: There will always be times when your network goes down and acts up. Downtime is often used to create backups, to perform new installations and for other maintenance tasks. You can thus ensure that your network has the best uptime possible, thanks to the services of a managed IT security service provider. What you will gain from them in total is your productivity will increase. However, you have also to make sure that they are being able to access the network so they can perform their job duties. Otherwise, you are just pouring money down a hole with no return on that investment. More uptime equals better ROI for a business.

Management becomes simplified: Managing a network is a headache. That is equally applicable even for a seasoned IT personnel. All the same, working with the right management company can ensure that handling all the concerns for your network is far simpler than you might have imagined. That your IT personnel spend more time on task and less time adjusting, monitoring and repairing the network should be reasonably expected. And, this is ensured by the services of managed IT service providers. That will also be a logical consideration for ROI. In all in all, there are a lot of benefits these services may come up with and help in benefitting your company’s overall productivity and profitability.

In addition, there will be faster issue resolution. However, that may hardly come up and if they arise, they will be resolved in no time. And, your performance bottlenecks will be overcome and headaches and hassles regarding network will be removed, thus saving you money and time.

5 Core Business Benefits of Outsourcing Managed IT Services from On Call Computer Solutions in Virginia

Despite the abundance of software-as-a services (SaaS) and cloud computing systems available, the future of information technology still remains in data centers, which need constant monitoring and day-to-day maintenance. Mid to enterprise level businesses with on-premise servers, you can benefit largely from outsourcing services of information technology departments.

Managed IT services providers offer a plethora of benefits for businesses to remain at the forefront of technology while still focusing on the core business goals.

Leaning on a managed IT services provider for a subset of your IT services can be a boon. More than just tackling a specific domain such an email hosting or customer relationship management, having an MSP as a part of your IT mix can free up internal IT staff for more strategic projects. But establishing a strong, strategic partnership with your MSP is necessary. We at On Call Computer Solutions, offer our clients dedicated managed IT services in Virginia and ensure that their IT support and security systems get constant monitoring and maintenance of network, which help raise flag before a failure or suspicious activity turns into a major problem.

Working with a managed IT services provider helps a business to eliminate all additional expenses of needing an IT professional onsite. When you are working with a specialized Managed IT services provider, your computer network is setup for remote access that allows a technician to enter your environment with a few clicks. Nowadays, Our IT professionals at On Call Computer Solutions in Virginia perform most IT network maintenance tasks and support fixes through remote access. This makes the task of IT support system maintenance and monitoring more easy, flexible, and competent. When you work with our managed IT professionals, the biggest benefit you get is faster performance of your computer network and fewer error messages from it. Computer equipment degrades with the passing of time, but with our recurring and timely critical maintenance of your networks and computers, you get more out of it and can stretch the life of servers and workstations.

Don’t get left behind when it comes to the future of your business IT needs. By choosing to outsource the managed IT security services from our Virginia IT company (On Call Computer Solutions), you can secure your network maintenance, monitoring, and security concerns, efficaciously. Here some of the benefits of outsourcing managed IT services, consider them to have your IT department perform smoothly.

Core Business Benefits of Outsourcing managed IT services Costs

Financial advantages of outsourcing network security and computer support include leaner staffing costs associated with hiring, training, insurance, and contributing to retirement plans. Outsourcing managed IT services from a reputable company (like On Call Computer Solutions in Virginia) means that they are the ones responsible for hiring and managing of employees, minimizing your time spent on the hiring process.

Also, when you outsource IT support services, you are hiring not just one employee, but taking benefit of the expertise of many. Working with a team of IT staff is a great way to obtain a wide-ranging knowledge base. Furthermore, the team will have great insight into ways that you can save money by adopting certain IT strategies that they have seen work with other clients.

You can also take benefit vendor relationships that have already been formed by the IT firm. They have spent their careers understanding the best technologies for their clients, and therefore, aligning themselves with top-of-the-line vendors to ensure that you are getting the best equipment. Another benefit of these relationships is in lower overhead costs associated with bulk purchasing of hardware and software licenses.

Trained IT Staff

Searching out fully trained IT staff can be time-consuming and stressful. Qualifications don’t always mean experience, so there is always the risk of hiring someone who may not be the appropriate person for the job at hand.

Since, it’s their core competency, managed IT support companies hold the responsibility for hiring staff with specific qualifications and certifications. These professionals are often constantly learning and training as new technologies emerge with opportunities for further development.

As industry professionals, managed IT service providers know what it takes to make a successful team and can assist in succession planning, hiring practices, and resource planning for the future.

Whatever your requirements, the strategy of outsourcing managed IT services is a great way to take benefit of knowledge unavailable to your team or to free them up to work on other projects.

Focus on Core Business & Innovative Technology

If your IT team is focusing on the day-to-day maintenance of your servers, employee computers’ health, or data backups, then they may be wasting valuable time that could be devoted to implementing new technologies.

Once your IT team is available to do the things you have planned to meet business goals, you will see a drastic increase in actual IT productivity. This includes projects such as creating applications, establishing new business processes, strategizing ways to incorporate innovative technology into your business or improving customer’s relations.

An effective IT team isn’t reactionary in their dealings with your business technology. They are proactive in their quest to consistently better processes to boost your business productivity.

Full Compliance & Security

Simply staying on the top of compliance regulations established to protect client data, credit card numbers, or any other sensitive information can be a time-consuming task.

The PCI compliance standards have outlined a number of regulations that stipulate what companies must do to stay on top of sensitive information. Ensuring that your firewall is up-to-date and there are regularly scheduled workstation and server audits are essential to ensure that you are meeting compliance standards.

Software systems also need constant monitoring to ensure that your licenses are updated and especially that your users comply with the software guidelines.

By outsourcing managed IT services, you can manage and monitor software licenses with IT vendors that help you to fully understand the timelines and guidelines stipulated in the agreements. These IT specialists can also aid in the road mapping of this software so you can better plan for a future end-of-life or future updates.

Establishing and maintaining security protocols on all your systems from workstations to mobile devices to servers, protects your sensitive data from internet threats such as hacks or other security breaches. There are a number of different methods for securing your systems and IT support companies have a solid understanding of which would be the best suited to your unique needs. Furthermore, outsourcing your IT means that these systems are monitored 24/7/365, addressing and fixing disruptions promptly.

Strategic Consulting

The biggest advantage of working with a company whose core competency is IT services is that they have a solid knowledge base of things that have worked for other clients and knowledge of things that haven’t worked. If your IT team is looking to develop a strategy to implement in the future regarding the adoption of new technologies, then having managed IT services firm in your corner is a great benefit.

Strategic decision making when it comes to software and hardware should always lie in the hands of qualified and technical minded teams. At On Call Computer Solutions in Virginia, our trained technicians are on your team when it comes to providing strategic insight, management of IT services, and per-project consultancy.

If you are looking for a competent IT solution, or have been looking for ways to free-up your IT team resources, then give a call to our IT specialists at On Call Computer Solutions in Virginia and we will help you to establish what’s right for your information technology department.

Confused About Choosing An IT Service Provider?

What every business owner must know about chosing computer it guy

Are you researching IT companies and struggling to figure out the difference between them in order to make the right decision? We feel your pain.

After serving thousands of business clients through more than a decade we have learned that it is hard to know how to tell what provider will be great and what provider could lead to disaster later.

President and CEO of On Call Computer Solutions, Michael Frieder, has authored what is considered by many as the definitive guide to choosing the right computer services company for your organization. Having built and run one of the most successful IT Management Firms for small business on the east coast, Michael personally gives his recommendations from the inside on what to look for in your next service provider. He will show you how to shop like a pro and know the difference between who will do a great job at managing your technology and warning signs to watch out for that your provider may be an amateur leading you to disaster and down time later. Want to learn more? Click here to learn how to get a free electronic copy right now...

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